The Global Initiative

One Health is a concept that is seeing worldwide attention and growth. It is an interdisciplinary strategy designed to expand and strengthen collaborations between professionals of the human, animal, and environmental health fields. When implemented properly, One Health will nurture and improve the health and well-being of all species. This integrative approach allows for finding solutions to complex problems such as climate change, zoonotic diseases, and environmental degradation.

UConn's Initiative

UConn is joining other colleges and universities around the world in adopting a new approach to sustainable health. The College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources along with UConn Extension promote the holistic concepts of One Health and believe that an integrative/inclusive approach to health is where solutions to complex problems may lie. Through educational, experiential learning programs, UConn aims to train the next generation of educators and environment-friendly citizens to address health issues using One Health principles. This is achieved through the expertise of program leaders in all disciplines including food production, food safety, and water resource management. The well-being of the planet as a whole is dependent on the interactions between humans, animals, and the environment, and One Health education provides knowledge to collaboratively address world-wide health issues.